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Application for Industry Automation

Industry, Machine and Process Automation

Relay Module, Interface Module and Industrial PC.
Relay Module, Interface Module and Industrial PC.

YEU-LIAN Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than decades design experience about industry product and automation control. We offer the products for industry, machine and process automation. The modules of relay board, interface board and I/O board, for saving time and wiring space, it also can combine different equipment easily. IPC for efficiently and flexible integrate production, and customized intelligent solutions facilitate developing intelligent manufacturing and to increase the profits.

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  • Customized Circuit Board - I/O plan and circuit integration, for machine tool and industrial machinery.
    Customized Circuit Board

    YEU-LIAN circuit board design to meet the customers' requirements, for different industrial types and purposes. We provide professional consulting and sampling to reduce your time to market and development risks. What's more, manufacturing a multi-functional and rigorous products depending on your needs. Apply for CNC machines like lathes, milling machines, turning, multitasking machines, machine tools or industrial machinery.

  • ZETA BOX Industrial PC - Applicable for machine tools, industrial machinery and automation equipment.
    ZETA BOX Industrial PC

    As the development in intelligent CNC machine tools, here comes a new control system. ZETA IPC takes into account various factors like CAD / CAM, machines, workflows, controls and monitors. The intelligent manufacturing is about connecting factors and improving it, we keep the flexibility and expandability by customization, and through the rigorous examinations to make sure the stable capacity of products.PC base is highly compatible, USB2.0 / 3.0, RS-232 / RS485, HDMI, LAN RJ45, PCI and PCIe are available. Functional modules are very easy to install, contact us for more information.

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