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01Aug 2013
YEU-LIAN Expands the Factory

Since founded in 1989, in order to provide better products and service, YEU-LIAN has undergone a relocation and two expansions of factories. We consider customers' needs and know what matters, to enhance the customer experience as the goal.

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07Jan 2016
The best manufacturer award by M-Team

M-Team League consists of 21 industrial companies, what unites us are common goals: "Create worth together, and make a new model of machine tool industry." We want to prove we can increase the profits by cooperate instead of compete. It YEU-LIAN's honor to joint M-Team in 2006, we continuously improve and have the best manufacturer awards. In the future, we will keep learning from other members, expand and develop further!

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20Mar 2017
World New Premiere - ATOMS J1 series

Certified by CE and IP67, YEU-LIAN new releasing product: ATOMS J1 handy MPG. The shape is sleek to behold, electrostatic discharge can be measured up to 10KV, the performance is stable and reliable. With ATOMS J1 customers will benefit from this.

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01Jul 2018
YEU-LIAN website officially online!

YEU-LIAN continuously research and develop for more products like CNC control panel, handy MPG, and certified by IP67, CE. Hope the customers or work partners around the world can know about us more through this website.

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