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Service Process

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Customized Product Service Process
Customized Product Service Process

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Please tell us more data about the project, we will provide further information to support customer's application, cooperate with you to create the ideal products.

Customized Design

I/O board, relay board, CNC machine control panel and handheld pendant station OEM / ODM. Small quantity orders are available, designs for your requirements. We want to offer our customers optimum solutions, to achieve flexible and cost-efficient production. YEU-LIAN product recognized at home and abroad.

oem process

Customized Process

● Customized I/O board, Relay board and CNC machine control panel design.
● Drawing, layout and proofread by customer's request.
● Sampling: putting items, firming items, soldering, cleaning, inspection, vibration test, assembling, production inspection and packing inspection.
● Delivering to customer for actual use.
● Customized samples can be in mass production. YEU-LIAN is dedicated to achieve high service level and sales efficiency, to provide the best quality.

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