Handy MPG ATOMS J1 Series

Interface Modules

Interface Modules

Combination of different poles with D-SUB, SCSI, IDC/FRC connectors and Euro, din rail, H types terminal blocks.

Handy MPG Series

Handy MPG Series

3 meters PU spring wire joint processing and customized is available. With IP67, CE certified the durable level.


Handy MPG ATOMS J1 Series |Automatic Products Design & Manufacturing - YEU-LIAN

Yeu-Lian Electronics Co., Ltd. is a, Handy MPG ATOMS J1 Series, automation product design and manufacturing supplier since 1989.

IP67, CE, RoHS certified and applicable for all-brand industrial type automation equipment. YEU-LIAN provides automation product solutions with strong customization abilities.

In passive electronic components industry, YEU-LIAN has been offering customers high-quality automatic product control solutions, both with advanced technology and 28 years of experience, YEU-LIAN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Handy MPG ATOMS J1 Series


Certified by IP67 and CE: ATOMS Handheld Pendant Station

For MITSUBISHI, FANUC and SIEMENS controllers, and automation equipment.
For MITSUBISHI, FANUC and SIEMENS controllers, and automation equipment.

ATOMS J1 series pendant station has great mechanical and electrical performance, certified by IP67 and CE. It meets the requirement of many applications, to provide high level of quality, reliability, and safety.

This handy MPG designs to apply ergonomics and with many controllers, including MITSUBISHI, FANUC and SIEMENS.

YEU-LIAN has banked many years of experience in this series, we provide multiple choices of MPG, wire length, indicator lamp and functional button, to create your ideal application.


  • Certified by IP67 and CE.
  • Compact material extends the product service life.
  • Electrostatic discharge ±10KV, reversed voltage protection from DC5V to 24V.
  • Built-in magnet to secure the pendant station in the included bracket, for flexibly using.
  • Standard with 3-meter PU spring wire and power indicator lamp.
  • Type of Codes: Binary, Complementary Binary, Gray Code, Complementary Gray Code and Point To Point.
  • Handwheel Material: Metal.
  • Optional: Emergency Stop Switch, Enable Switch, Patent Work Light.


  • MITSUBISHI, FANUC, SIEMENS controllers and other automation equipment.
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