Intelligent Production System
Smart Machine Box: Digital Management Solution
In response to the trend of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), YEU-LIAN continues to develop related products. The Smart Machine Box, which is simple settings to achieve intelligent production. The ZETA BOX Industrial PC, it is a powerful industrial computer. We can help you find suitable solutions to establish a smart production line, no matter the scale of the factory.

The smart machine box is a device developed for the IIoT platform. It supports various types of industrial applications. The networking feature can avoid the problem of communication with the machine. Using the Microsoft operating system, the communication interface includes RJ-45, USB, and ten IO points. It is easy to connect to the machine and is also convenient for computer screen monitoring. The user interface of software can set by a user's hobbit. It supports production data queries and output reports. Just install the OPC UA Server, and you can develop the applications between different equipment. It makes the SMB available in many machine tools. Therefore, integrate all equipment and manage the whole factory.
M2M networks system structure

Installs a hardware on the machine tool.

Through a set of OPC UA Client project to develop.

The software for the devices connects the terminals and the cloud to manage.