SMB Smart Machine Box

M2M networks: digital management solution
The production data of traditional industries, mostly rely on manual recording. For example, the quality inspection of machines is manually monitored by signal tower light. It needs to check the machine by machine, which is wasted labor and non-real time. The order picking, production line progress, and working hours, inspection items, these are manually recorded. It usually causes the information time-delay, and different from the ERP system, which makes the inventory count difficult. In the new age of intelligent production, automation will quickly become the new normal. Smart Machine Box (SMB) can achieve integration of software systems, as well as the connection and collaborative operation of hardware equipment. Through the M2M networking system, digital production introduces to realize machine networking, real-time monitoring, intelligent application and other production automation functions.

There is no more size restriction of the industry, time-saving installation, convenient large-scale deployment, short introducing process time, applicable to traditional production, machine tools, machinery industry or industrial machinery. Support multiple platforms and third-party software systems: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Cost Per 1000 impressions (CPM), Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), production line control management system and UI Client. Collect data and establish a big data database (DB) to easily integrate functions for intelligent production methods, significantly improving the production efficiency and expansion flexibility of machine tools.

  • Real-time monitoring of the state of machine tools and robotic arms, networked information digitalizing. One SMB machine can integrate whole factory equipment.
  • Production management is visualized, and easy to schedule production line, which significantly improves the utilization rate and personnel efficiency, furthermore, the product yield rate and the delivery rate.
  • Distributed hardware protection, you can choose to set up a centralized system or a distributed system. The small or medium-sized industries can flexibly set according to the needs.
  • Supporting multiple languages (C#, Java, Python, C, C++, Javascript). Various platforms and third-party software are also available.
  • Support production scheduling and tool management, intelligent automatic PLC parameter compensation, optimize process efficiency.
  • External expansion functions: (1) 5V to 24V relay I/O control module (6-in/10-out), which can integrate the control PLC/keys that require manual operation; (2) Peripheral sensor integration, to achieve the function of environmental monitoring.
  • For robotic arm: FANUC, DELTA, TOSHIBA and LNC.
The M2M networking system product installs a hardware (Smart Machine Box, SMB) on the machine tool. You can choose to design a centralized or decentralized system management. Through a set of OPC UA Client project (Smart Machine Server, SMS), it is possible to develop upper-layer application services for various brand equipment. The model structure is object-oriented for device attributes and functions, and data transmission is based on HTTP, WSDL, and Web Service. Increase the security authentication mechanism, and connect with browser technology in the future.

The software for the devices (Smart Machine Client, SMC) has simple page settings and easy function switching. It connects the terminals and the cloud to implement large-scale field system management. Easily monitor the whole factory, real-time display of the status of each machine and the number of connections. The function of machine monitoring can know the current power-on time and processing time, processing details, etc.. The function of robotic arm monitoring can also know the current coordinates of the joints in addition to the processing time. Record detailed operating data, you can recall historical data and output reports at any time. Upload/download program code, and watch the current machine program code content.

In addition, there are many other functions such as machine abnormal alarms, tool corrections, pitch compensation, and workpiece coordinates, and macro. External expandable relay I/O control module, for machine tool PLC integration, like some remote control requires manual operation. It also has a sensor integration function, which can integrate some peripheral sensors to achieve environmental monitoring of temperature, vibration, and sound.

Support use controllers such as FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, MITSUBISHI, ITRI, SYNTEC and LNC for machine tools. FANUC, DELTA, TOSHIBA and LNC for robotics. MITSUBISHI for PLC.
SMB is the fastest way to upgrade the smart factory. Introduce Information management can reduce human error. Use the production big data efficiently, real-time management and improved tracking can optimize the manufacturing process. Control the efficiency of production capacity well, reduce costs and increase international competitiveness.

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