Laser Engraving ABS Button CNC Lathe Operator Panel

CE compliance FANUC ABS button lathe machine control panel
Manufactured in compliance with CE standards. The operation panel for lathes with FANUC controller. Applicable systems: 0i-MD, 0i-MATE, 0i-MF and other 0i series.

The CNC panel membrane supports full-color output, and it is widely used as dark gray (FANUC Gray). The function text, pattern, company LOGO and website URL can be printed in accordance with the customer's graphic files (.jpg, .png, .dwg, . psd, .ai, .dxf). The patented modular button design makes it easy to remove the buttons for cleaning and replacement. You can disassemble from the front panel without tools. Single button key size is 12×15mm, the narrow border gap is small, which can have tightly arranged layout, saving panel space. Options such as reserved blank button key (can be replaced by yourself), button cover, button hole plug kit (sheet metal mounting hole is Φ16mm), anti-mistaken touch frame, the button switch protective cover that can flip up to 180 degrees. It increases the flexibility of the panel configuration and improve the efficiency of layout planning.

The surface of the ABS button has a delicate touch. The rounded keycaps and the streamlined appearance of the slightly concave arc are ergonomically designed. The push button pressing feels good. The ABS buttons have various colors (white, green, red, brown, blue), and the laser engraving pattern is fine and clear, whether it is a flat button, a convex button, or a concave button, it can be perfectly engraved. It is anti-wear, non-slip, sturdy and durable, fast tactile feedback of buttons, which meets the requirements of industrial site environment. We use OMRON specifications, actuating force is 2.55N, working temperature is -25°C to +70°C, and its mechanical life is more than 100,000 times.

  • Specially designd for FANUC controller
  • Applicable to CNC lathes, dual spindle lathes, vertical lathes, horizontal turning machine can also be customized
  • Patented modular design button key, can arrange arbitrarily, saving space
  • Laser engraving graphics, fine and clear, scratch-resistant, oil-resistant
  • The ABS button keycap can replace from the front panel without tools, simple and convenient
  • Circuit integration optimization (we offer customized composite circuit board service)
  • Ergonomic design and optimize operation
  • Code rotary switch has multiple codings such as point-to-point, binary, anti-binary, gray code, and anti-Gray code
  • IP67 waterproof and oil-proof (must match the customer's operating cabinet environment), suitable for industrial environments
  • CE
  • ROHS (lead-free, friendly environment)
  • One year guarantee under normal use.
  • Size can be customized according to function
  • Button frame color, button body color, anti-touch frame design, oil-proof design, switch guard, backlight design
Laser carved ABS button details

The laser-engraved keycaps are fine and not easy to wear. It has dust-proof, non-slip silicone key protection cover increases the service life of the panel.

The button flush bezel is available in flat, concave and convex anti-touch types. There are multiple colors such as green, red, black, white, gray, light blue, blue and brown are available.

The panel membrane background color and functional patterns are freely printed; buttons, code switches and knobs can be configured as required.

Optional parts can flexible customization

Square and round illuminated push button switches, multiple selector switches and key selector switches can arrange for needs.

The buttons are designed with a front waterproof, and the button with marking plates and films can also be equipped with a touch-proof protective cover (180 degree flip).

The control panel has diversity selections

Various layout configurations, sheet metal and membrane sizes can adjust according to the functional needs. Supporting industrial CNC controllers such as FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, Heidenhain, Fagor, LNC.

Provide customized services such as panel encryption function, PLC program, circuit board manufacture.The replacement of current used panel, adaptation, expansion.

Other types of buttons

YEU-LIAN had designed many types of CNC machine control panel as customer-specific requirements. So far, currently used in various CNC machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, turning-milling machines, grinders, boring machines, multi-axis machines, compound machining centers. In addition to laser-engraved ABS button switches, there are membrane button switches, crystal acrylic waterproof buttons and many other types. We offer control panel IO wiring such as lock code control of encrypted wiring, coded point-to-point control, matrix scanning and dot matrix. Use our patented modules button keys can quickly complete the replacement and maintenance.
We provide CNC related products such as CNC handheld encoder controller, MPG electronic handwheel, industrial computer IPC. We also have integrated wiring services to assist customers in importing the project.

Transparent acrylic buttons with indicator light, backlight design

The new type transparent material, one piece molding button key

Customized push button switch with marking plate and EMG stop

CNC machine tool MPG electronic handwheel, integrated wiring service

One year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.


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