Integrate PC and CNC machine control panel, IPC industrial computer
From numerical control machine to automatic intelligent control computer
In response to the trend of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), YEU-LIAN continues to develop related products. The Smart Machine Box, which is simple settings to achieve intelligent production. The ZETA BOX Industrial PC, it is a powerful industrial computer. We can help you find suitable solutions to establish a smart production line, no matter the scale of the factory.

Rapidly growing in the industry, numerical control machines are no longer in production only. The new generation of machine tool equipment needs to perform more complex tasks (such as dynamic simulation, processing path simulation, timely calculation... etc.), and the controller needs more computational support. The need for different tasks on one machine has become a new issue. Our solution is the industrial box PC, for a variety of applications for machine tools.
ZETA BOX IPC provides intelligent hardware solutions for machine tool equipment
The PC-based Windows system is more advanced and flexible than CNC controllers. The programs, development tools and specifications are different from various controller brands. Connecting a PC with network, you can use more functions of the PC in CNC environment. The combination of the control panel and the PC system, user can switch the screen with a single button. Production line operators can read computer information without leaving the machine. In addition to SOPs and operating manuals, users can also link the ERP system to export data. It is convenient for manufacturers to develop customized interfaces for their needs.

IPC base unit

Touch screen

Operator panel

PC keyboard

The Industrial PC (IPC) is suitable for many applications. For instance, Collect and analyze information from the production system. Manage the big data, and integrate the related technologies and functions. Users can visualize and digitize information, which is the primary for intelligent manufacturing. Through the big data, computer can simulate production. By using 3D virtual models to analyze the NC program before actual production. Users can predict and examine the processes and the finished product. It reduces the trial and error, and optimizes the production of the factory.
Automation Industry Computer
Automation industrial computer is a PC-based automation for assisted CNC operation and production. The combination of industrial PC and operation panel is suitable for milling, lathes and other CNC machine tools. Whether the embedded box PC or the industrial panel PC, YEU-LIAN also supplies operator panels and keyboards according to the user's requirements. High-quality components include sheet metal, membrane mask, button knobs, and switches. We support the company logo image customization, the machine can easy to identify from the appearance.

All machines are made in Taiwan.