OEM Electric Control Cabinet Wiring and Assembly Service for CNC Machine Tool

CNC Machine Tool Control Cabinets: Customer-oriented production
We provide OEM control cabinet fabrication and assembly, which can use in high-tech CNC machines like lathes, milling machine, grinding machine, turning and multitasking machine, automation and industrial machinery. We also offer ODM circuit board, handheld pendant station and wire manufacture. We have banked over decades of automation control experience, YEU-LIAN utilize high-quality products that are reliable and safe.

The scope of services includes: PCB circuit board-electrical installation, wiring and electrical component layout. Electric control cabinet-internal distribution assembly and external wiring. Wire and cable-wire and joint processing. We provide support design and manufacture according to customer needs, the benefits of turnkey service are reducing storage and assembly costs. Connecting components such as commonly used wires, cables, MIL connectors, etc.. Machine tools, industrial machine power distribution, and internal and external wiring connections are all for industrial use. They are all suitable for the harsh industrial environment and require stable performance, and are basically solid, anti-vibration, moisture-proof, dust-proof, high-temperature resistance, and have protections to ensure safety while operating.

Turnkey service
  • Consult and design: the customer provides relevant drawings (including wiring diagrams, electrical box outlet holes location diagrams), and confirms material specifications.
  • Parts/customer-supplied material preparation: (1) We provide turnkey service, including components sourcing, PCB manufacturing, or (2) PCB assembly, some materials are provided by the customer.
  • Accessories/wire processing: wire groove aluminum rail cutting, sheet metal opening, external wire joint processing.
  • Electric control cabinet assembly: including circuit board and components setting and wiring.
  • Finished product inspection: visual inspection, functional test.
  • Packing and delivered to the client for use.
  • Mass production.
Electrical cabinet assembly example

YEU-LIAN has accumulated decades of experience in industrial product development and design and electronic control panel distribution. We are well-trained and a great deal of assembly experience. We strictly implement standardized operating procedures to ensure the consistency of finished products. With professional and friendly services, we provide customers with High quality and fast design. It can be applied to lathes, milling machines, grinders, turning, gear cutting, compound processing machines, five-axis processing machines, automation equipment and industrial machinery.

For customized requirements, please call us. We also provide production and sales of related supporting parts.