Providing exclusive product solutions, we offer comprehensive CNC electrical control products to upgrade the machining industry.
With the development of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, CNC machining has become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry. Our product applications include lathes, milling machines, grinders, turning, gear cutting, composite machining centers, five-axis machining centers, etc., suitable for various CNC systems such as Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Siemens, Heidenhain, Fagor, etc., meeting the needs of customers with different scales and requirements. Our CNC electrical control products can improve machining efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance product quality, bringing higher product added value to customers. The product also provides real-time data and feedback, facilitating customers to monitor and manage production lines and achieve digital production.
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YEU-LIAN provides various customized products for different applications, allowing customers to design according to their specific needs.







For the applications of lathes, milling machines, grinders, gantries, and industrial machines, we offer customized operation panels and integrated circuit boards. The advantages of these products lie in their ability to better meet the customers' usage habits, improve operational efficiency and precision, reduce machine failure rates, and ensure machine stability and safety. Additionally, we provide add-on handheld boxes and electronic handwheels to facilitate operation control, further improving product quality and production efficiency.

Customized Control Panels
  • Our control panels can be tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.
  • They can be integrated with the system to improve operational efficiency.
  • We offer a variety of interface options, such as different button styles and switch specifications.

Customized Circuit Board Integration
  • Integrates different function circuit boards, significantly reducing system volume.
  • Mature circuit board design technology to enhance system performance and stability.
  • Complies with CE and RoHS regulations.

Handheld Pendant (Handy MPG)
  • Compact and lightweight design with customizable cable length for improved machine operation efficiency.
  • Specifications can be customized according to customer needs, such as start, emergency stop, and axis selection.
  • Multiple styles are available to meet the needs of different machine models.

Relays and IO module boards
  • Supports multiple input and output interfaces.
  • Effectively controls the system circuit to improve system stability.
  • Flexibly expands system functions.

Electronic Handwheel (Manual Pulse Generator)
  • Precise control, suitable for mechanical equipment and panel operation.
  • Provides multiple sizes and encodings to meet different operating requirements.
  • The MPG can be customized with logos or text.

Code switch
  • Precise control of signals in different frequency bands, with anti-static interference capabilities.
  • Customizable coding and number of segments according to specific requirements to meet various application needs.
  • Sealed design to prevent iron filings and dust from entering.
Regardless of the application field, YEU-LIAN Electronics can provide customized solutions, enabling customers to better meet their needs while maintaining high efficiency and stability in the production process. As a technology-oriented enterprise, YEU-LIAN Electronics is committed to providing customers with professional and high-quality products and services, continuously optimizing products and meeting the changing needs of customers. We believe that through our efforts, we can help customers achieve upgrading and transformation, and jointly promote the development of the machining industry.