Customized CNC Machine Tool Circuit Board: Electronic control adapter board, relay board, I/O board

Electronic Circuit Research and Design, Customized Turnkey Manufacturing
YEU-LIAN circuit board is designed to customer needs. Customize for different industries and uses. It includes turnkey service such as customized design, material preparation, manufacturing, inspection, sample proofing, and delivery. We provide professional consultation and sample trial production, integrated process architecture, complete manufacturing system, tailor-made according to requirements, saving customers time and cost. We dedicate to building multi-functional, humanized and scientifically designed products.

We have accumulated more than 30 years of circuit board and operation panel research and development design and manufacture product. We are well-trained and a great deal of assembly experience. We strictly implement standardized operating procedures to ensure the consistency of finished products. With professional and friendly services, we provide customers with high quality, and quickly design. We continue to create various circuit configurations. So far, we have accumulated hundreds of types of special circuit boards for machine tools and industrial machinery. Also produce more than tens of thousands of industrial-related products such as lathes and milling machines each year. Before leaving the factory, they have undergone complete power-on and functional tests to ensure operating quality. Rigorous production process, product tolerance, high safety, guarantee high-quality products made in Taiwan.
Service items
We provide design and manufacture of various I/O circuit boards, relay boards, adapter boards, expansion boards and special function circuit boards.

A composite circuit board that integrates I/O modules, relay modules, and adapter boards are evaluated in accordance with the customer's wiring diagram to improve or replace the existing circuit functions.

Customization advantages
It reduces the cost of electronic control, such as human errors, assembly times and stability, and the number of internal wiring. It improves the problem of traditional electronic components that is flat and occupy the cabinet volume.

Flexible expansion
The integrated components and circuit designs flexible, with stacked expansion planning. There are a variety of circuit module and transfer terminal blocks. For example, combining AC relay modules and DC relay modules into one motherboard.

Easy maintenance
The texts and labels on the circuit board can mark according to customer needs. The serial numbers or module function names, which is convenient for user to check and shorten the time for inspection and repair judgment.
  • OEM and ODM customized I/O and electronic control circuit design.
  • Provide sample trials, replacement of existing circuit boards, research and development of new products.
  • Circuit board types: various composite adapter boards, relay boards, expansion boards, I/O boards, and other customized designs.
  • Controller: MITSUBISHI, FANUC, SIEMENS, FAGOR, Heidenhain, LNC, other industrial types.
  • Connector: D-SUB, RL45, RS232, USB, European terminal, Ethernet.
  • Industrial applications: machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, gantry, electric discharge machines, compound machines, multi-axis machines, and other customized design requirements
  • Made in Taiwan.
Customized circuit board example

The circuit board (include the relays) has a two-year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.