Customized CNC PCB Circuit Board, Motherboard, Master Board
Customized Design: Adapter Board, Relay Board, I/O Board For CNC Controller And PLC
OEM/ODM circuit design, including various composite adapter boards, relay boards, expansion boards and I/O board. We can combine many functions into a composite circuit board, use the space efficiently. The composite circuit board can customize based on the controllers such as MITSUBISHI, FANUC, SIEMENS, FAGOR, Heidenhain or other industrial types. Application for machine tool equipment, food machine, semiconductor equipment, industrial machinery, robotic equipment, and system integration equipment, etc. We know the importance of the user experience and have a variety of electronic components like terminal blocks, connectors and relays. The products have undergone complete power-on and functional tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of operation. The rigorous production process, product tolerance, high safety, guarantee high-quality products made in Taiwan.

The product life cycle is guaranteed for more than 15 years.
Tired of the electronic control design that requires several module boards?
We develop and integrate many circuit configurations for CNC panel board and other machines. So far, we have accumulated hundreds of types of special circuit boards for machine tools and industrial machinery. Imagine that picture, you want to add a function, but have to buy many relay module boards and connection boards, and take a lot of time to configure and assemble by yourselves. Compared with customized composite circuit board can achieve the same function more quickly.

Different types of controllers, such as MITSUBISHI and FANUC, can plan on the same mainboard. Components and circuits are integrated. There is no need for complex wiring. The material preparation items can reduce from more than 10 items to 1-2 items, which reduce the management cost by nearly 70%. Customized circuit board text labeling shortens the inspection and repair time, at the same time reduces human error and wiring time. The maintenance is much more convenient, which greatly saves costs.

Use FINDER relays, and provide contact protections to ensure the service life.
The traditional wiring is laborious and time-consuming. The electronic components consume a lot, which affects the efficiency of equipment, and increase the cost of maintenance. Through customized circuit control boards to realize more complex and multi-functional electronic control. Apply to machine tools, lathes, milling machines, grinders, turning, compound processing machines, five-axis processing machines, food machine, semiconductor equipment, industrial machinery, and robotic equipment, system integration equipment.

YEU-LIAN has many years of experience, the wiring configuration arranges and integrate into a centralized wiring harness to the connector. It provides a lot of forms such as in-line terminal blocks. It also has a foolproof design to make the connection more convenient. It can solve the complicated wiring process problem and repair without special tools.

We provide customized product development for the wiring needs of different devices. By using multi-functional, fast application, and flexible automatic control accessories. Users can buy the required central control accessories at one time.

PCB electronic components have diverse options: terminal blocks, connectors, relays and protective device
The circuit board can customize for full voltage input from DC5V to DC24V. It has power input protection devices: fuses, LED power indicators and action indicators. The standard contact forms 1A, 1B, 1C can match with 1P, 4P, 8P, 16P, 32P and up to 60P. It is compatible with common I/O circuit layouts.

We provide electronic components from major brands. You can select according to needs, with foolproof design, convenient maintenance and tool-free. Relays: OMRON, FINDER and IDEC are all industrial durable relays. Terminal block types: Japanese standard terminal blocks, European standard terminal blocks, WAGO shrapnel terminal blocks, crimping shrapnel type terminal blocks, screw-free terminal blocks, in-line terminal blocks.

Application for different control connection points, like FANUC I/O modules and SIEMENS connector types, we have box header connector, quick-plug connector, Fujitsu, D-SUB, SCSI, HONDA. Generally speaking, FANUC I/O modules CB104, CB105, CB106, and CB107 in the A03B series use 50-pin HONDA connectors. While SIEMENS X111, X222, and X333 use 50-pin box header connectors. There are also contact protection devices such as surge absorber, COM jumper devices, capacitors and diodes. Safer to use, and there is no need to worry about damage to the machine due to circuit burns.
Provide a small amount of customized proofing, MOQ≧1
YEU-LIAN develops and customizes for different industries and user needs. We provide professional consultation and sample trials. To help customers introducing the process and offer relevant assembly experience for free. We can save customers time and cost, and build a multi-functional, humanized manufacturing system.

The circuit board (include the relays) has a two-year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.