Relay module and IO module Board
Industrial control relay module board, IO module board, transfer module board
The wiring-saving module includes: industrial relay module board, I/O module and transfer module board, standard connection interface board. They can expand flexible on different types of CNC and PLC development boards. The fixed screw holes and DIN35/C45 guide rail can faster the installation and easy to replace. Saving the space, convenient wiring and shortening the set up time. Also reducing human errors, and the defect rate can lower by more than 50%. The independent wiring of the contacts and the protection devices are available. The less the wiring, the fewer the failure points. Thus, the parts can extend the mechanical life and electrical life longer. The module boards maintain easily, to achieve the electrical control and production cost-saving.

A variety of relay modules and signal conversion modules are available
Our products can apply to I/O communication, data transmission, signal control. There are special relay boards for FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI controllers. Application for lathes, milling machines, grinders, turning, compound processing machines, five-axis processing machines, machine tools, industrial machines and automation equipment. We have a rigorous production process, to ensure operating safety. MIT guarantees high-quality products made in Taiwan.

The IO and relay module, product life cycle is guaranteed for more than 15 years.
CNC and PLC dedicated relay module and the signal converter module

The coated circuit board can strengthen the waterproof and oil-proof capabilities, and ensure the stability of the wiring signal and the operation of relays. We develop and design different kinds of modules, integration of components and circuits, users do not have to wiring and assembly one by one, saving consumables and manual production time. The independent wiring of contacts and protection of contacts are available. There are multiple options for devices to avoid too many wiring to short-circuits. The fewer fault points, the less time for inspection and repair. It can improve the shortcomings of traditional power distribution wiring to achieve the needs of fast, convenient, economical and safe.

According to the user's customary brands and hobbies, we provide durable relays for industrial use, like OMRON, FINDER, IDEC. It has stable quality, and replacement components are easy to purchase. There is no need to worry about the waiting time would delay the progress of the production line.
Provide a small amount of customized proofing, MOQ≧1
Designed for user needs, integrate wiring-saving modules that fit the industrial use, and PLC/CNC numerical control use. The standard connection interface can expand flexibly on different types of CNC and PLC development boards. YEU-LIAN provides professional consultation and sample trial, help customers introducing the process and offer relevant assembly experience for free. We can save customers time and cost, and build a multi-functional, humanized designed products.

The circuit board (include the relays) has a two-year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.