CNC Manual Pulse Generator MPG Encoder
MPG electronic handwheel encoder for CNC operation panel
YEU-LIAN MPG series design to enhance the applicability of the product by using metalworking material. It can protect the handwheel from dust, water and oil. The encoder adopts optical rotation and non-contact detection structure. Thus, it will not cause vibration and affect the signal output. The rotary encoder can withstand 3 million circles of wear and tear. The accuracy remains the same, high precision performance. It designs anti-static, wide supply voltage DC5V to 24V, makes the high reliability and strong consistency. Faulty wiring will not damage, because of the voltage protection circuit design, just re-wiring and the functions are normal. It is easy to install and replace, and it is suitable for all kinds of automation equipment and CNC numerical control system machine tools. Apply for the CNC MPG pendant controller and the CNC operation panel.

CE certified, customized design various specifications
There are four diameters of the hand wheel pulse encoder: 58mm, 72mm, 125mm, and 140mm. The material is light and impact resistant, meets the various processing uses, such as CNC machine pendant and operator panel. It is available in 25PPR and 100PPR, with the electric circuits Pull-up and Line driver. The output can be 5V or open circuit. Currently, we supply as many as 8 kinds MPG specifications directly.

Suitable for many CNC controllers and PLC controllers
Compatible with many controllers, such as SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, FANUC, Fagor, Haas, Heidenhain, LNC, SYNTEC and other industrial numerical control systems. It is also suitable for programmable logic controllers. The dial supports the company logo image customization. We provide text and image print out, only if you give us the picture files (.jpg, .png, .dwg, .psd, .ai, .dxf, etc.).

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One year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.
58mm CNC Manual Pulse Generator MPG
1D5 - MS5

58mm CNC Manual Pulse Generator MPG

72mm CNC Manual Pulse Generator MPG
1R5 - MS7

72mm CNC Manual Pulse Generator MPG