CNC Control Cabinet OEM, electronic components processing
We manufacture include separate components and integrated products
Since the foundation of YEU-LIAN company in 1989, we continued the development of innovative products and electric control solutions. We implement automation systems based on electric control solutions. The product range covers CNC operator panel, circuit board, relay module, I/O module, manual pulse generator, handheld MPG pendant, code switch, Industrial box PC, control cabinet OEM, and electronic components processing. We also offer custom printing solutions, by laser engraving and UV printing. The automation solutions can use in a variety of different applications, is available for CNC machine tools, industrial machinery, and intelligent control.

CNC Machine Control Cabinet
YEU-LIAN company philosophy is Honesty, Responsibility, Service, and Innovation. Your needs are our concern, we provide comprehensive assistance and help customers introducing the process and offer relevant assembly experience for free.

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