Customized Multi-axis MPG Pendant Handwheel

IP67 and CE certified, simply for various industrial applications: New ATOMS handy MPG pendant series
The streamlined body shape is ergonomic, non-slip and easy to control. The lightweight and convenient is conducive to long-term work. There is an integrally formed handle on the top, and the back case is embedded with a permanent magnet. The J1 handheld MPG pendant has the strong adsorption capacity can hang freely. It also can use a special MPG holder bracket on the electric cabinet and the machine. It is convenient and flexible use.

Highly customized can apply to all machine tools, the selector switch supports multiple coding: point-to-point, binary, and gray code. Axis selection can be set 3 axis (OFF-X-Y-Z), 4 axis (OFF-X-Y-Z-4), 5 axis (OFF-X-Y-Z-4-5), 6 axis (OFF-X-Z-C-Y-B-ZS), and 7 axis (OFF-X-Y-Z-4-5-6-7). The multiplication selection X1, X10, X100, X1000.

The case body material has special treatment, IP67 dustproof and waterproof design. Its durable characteristic can prevent improper throwing and damage. The J1 handwheel MPG pendant fits the factory environment and on-site operation, high performance in harsh environments. Based on the functions of MITSUBISHI, FANUC, YASKAWA, SIEMENS and other controllers, it has high compatibility. We provide curl cord joint welding services. Just connect it to the machine, then it works. Easy to install and operate to get the wide applications. Even in high temperature, dusty, and serious electrostatic interference industrial environment, the handheld encoder MPG controller maintains high reliability.

High-quality rotary encoders made in Taiwan. The manual pulse generator series can withstand input voltages from DC5V to DC12V. It also has circuit protection mechanisms such as anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-reverse voltage protection. Optional EMG emergency stop switch can safely disconnect, in compliance with CE requirement. The MPG metal dial has good texture, with indicator lights at the center point. The scale numbers on MPG are clear and easy to read. Quick output response without signal lost. The electronic components can replace individually, so that maintenance is convenient.

Optional: many types of emergency stop switch (rotary or pull type), enable switch (starter switch), patented work light, three function button keys for application. The buttons can choose to have indicator light or not. We offer unique design and manufacturing, ODM and OEM services. The name plate and the MPG dial can laser with LOGO text and print full-color printing icons.

ATOMS J1 series configuration reference
ATOMS J1 series configuration reference
The ATOMS J1 handy MPG series has IP67 and CE certified for its excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Its superior durability and reliability is suitable for the harsh manufacturing environments. It also exerts the high quality and safety. The J1 handy manual pulse generator is highly customized. Include the MPG specification, axis/magnification select, pushbutton, work light, MPG spiral cable, all can select according to needs. We provide customers with more diverse choices and more precise operating applications.

The minimum order quantity for the customized product is 10 pieces. For more information, please contact us.
  • Certified by IP67 and CE.
  • Impact-resistant material case to extends the product service life.
  • DC5V to 24V full voltage input, anti-reverse voltage protection and electrostatic discharge ±10KV design.
  • Built-in permanent magnet to secure the handy MPG in the included bracket, for flexibly use.
  • Standard with 3-meter PU spring wire and power indicator light.
  • Coding type: binary coding, anti-binary coding, Gray coding, anti-Gray coding and point-to-point.
  • Metal MPG handwheel dial, the scale numbers are clear and easy to read.
  • Optional: emergency stop switch, enable switch(starter switch), patent work light.

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