Digital rotary switch for industrial control panel
Adjustable Position band selector rotary switch for CNC operation panel
We provide many digital coded band switches. Made of high-quality material, compact structure, durable use. The number of segments is clear and easy to identify. The digital encoder series comes in double gold-plated contacts. The O ring on the front which can against dust, water and oil. It provides stable performance, high-strength mechanism design with static resistance ± 8KV, and withstand voltage DC250V/50mΩ. Both of welding or connector connection is convenient for wiring. The excellent performance to prevent error signals, and reliable output. IP67 and CE certified, meets the requirements of the harsh industrial environment.

The position selectable band rotary switch, lightweight appearance, saving installation space
The advantage is easy to layout, users can switch the position in a limited area, and save the I/O points. Coding and positions can customize. The rotary switch has H-type (13.85°), J-type (15°), N-type (30°), divide by rotation angle. All series support binary coding, anti-binary coding, Gray coding, anti-Gray coding and point-to-point. Adjustable setting to reduce inventory. Commonly used for the mode, axis, magnification, speed, percentage and other band selectors.

Customized output according to industry, machine, and application, highly flexible settings
Accept customized needs ODM and OEM, includes optional accessory like locator and knobs. The full range of product models: 01H/02H/03H/04H, 01J /02J/03J/04J, 01N/02N/03N/04N/00N. Also, small band switch models are available: 00M/01M/02M/03M/04M/05M/06M. The series is suitable for axis selection, magnification and input of automation equipment of CNC machine tools. The rated voltage is DC30V, the step ranges from 2-8 or 2-4 sections. The panel mounting hole can customize from 0.8 to 3.0mm.

The durability is more than 50,000 times, one year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.