CNC Machine Operator Control Panel
Operation panel for CNC machine tools: lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, and multitasking machines.
The customize CNC machine keypad operation panel can design flexible. It matches many brand controllers and types of CNC machine tools. For instance, the FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, and other controllers widely used in industries. The function buttons are different from the traditional ones, it can arrange tight, save wiring and volume. Optimized circuit integration to achieve high efficiency and avoid human errors. No longer have to worry about the working space-occupying. The size of the sheet metal and mask can be adjusted easily. It also improves the convenience of assembly. As shown in the figure below, many functions can combine into a composite circuit board.

Customized CNC machine control operation panel is flexible and efficient
It fits FANUC 0i-MD, FANUC 0i-TD CNC system, SIEMENS 828D CNC system PP72/48, MITSUBISHI E68, M70, M80 CNC system, and other industrial controllers. We support the company logo image customization. We provide basic and special function buttons print out, only if you give us the picture files (.jpg, .png, .dwg, .psd, .ai, .dxf, etc.). The configuration of the panel according to user habits that can save panel layout space. The advantage of designing according to operating habits is that it is easy to use and reduce unnecessary actions. It is suitable for industrial environment and easy to replace, assemble, and clean.

Various types of button materials
The optional CNC operation panel provides full-color printing membrane buttons, patented module crystal acrylic buttons, laser-engraved ABS buttons and many other types. The printed functional patterns and texts are fine and clear. The button keys can be replaced individually on the front side. Freely arrange, and reserve blank buttons can choose. IP67 waterproof and oil-resistant (must match the customer's operating box environment), anti-touch and scratch-resistant design. The CNC machine control panel manufactured by YEU-LIAN has a long service life and suitable for the various processing environment uses.
Have you ever encountered a situation that too many function buttons were not found for a while? Our control panel button frame color and button body color can output various RGB colors. The buttons can make full-frame backlight processing, so that users can see at a glance. We have the anti-touch frame and cap design, and the reserved space can add the cover cap. Users no longer have to worry about the dizziness or accidental touch.

IP67, CE certified material components make up the best quality CNC machine control panel
Encrypted lock code control panel, point-to-point control panel, matrix control panel, scanning or dot matrix, and other IO wiring methods are available. Adopting CE compliance and RoHS, Taiwan-made high-quality code switches. Providing binary, anti-binary, gray code, anti-gray code, and point-to-point encoding. Application for CNC operation panel mode, axis, magnification, rate, percentage, and other multiple selection output settings. Both the code and the position can be adjusted to reduce inventory waste.

We offer production and sales of related supporting parts. We also provide integrated wiring services, considering user habits and ergonomic operation, for optimal design.

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CNC MPG Pendant Encoder

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