A combination of Microsoft system and CNC operation panel, Industrial computer IPC

Network, Control, Monitor, Management: customized IPC
With the development of intelligent CNC machine tools, the traditional NC interface has been gradually replaced by a new operating system. It is an industrial PC that integrates CAD/CAM, mechanical equipment, process monitoring and management. To maintain production capacity and achieve efficient production, industrial PC demands reliable performance than personal computers. It is used in manufacturing and require high reliability and stability. In terms of durability, some factories pay attention to heat dissipation, some need dustproof and waterproof, and some even need anti-static treatment. In addition, there are a variety of CNC controllers and PLC systems, and the compatibility and scalability of industrial computers affect whether they can support equipment in various industries. Finally, there is long-term availability. Data collection, image processing, and networking are all necessary. Big data can use to predict and analyze, to monitor manufacturing processes, applications, and provide real-time assistance.

Automation industrial computer is a PC-based automation for assisted CNC operation and production. The combination of industrial PC and operation panel is suitable for milling, lathes and other CNC machine tools. Highly customized to meet the needs of various factories for specific specifications. PC-based control is highly compatible and supports USB2.0/3.0, RS-232/RS485, HDMI, LAN RJ45, PCI and PCIe connections. Users can set up a variety of modular functions, saving installation time. The project import time is short, and convenient for mass deployment, to realize industrial automation.
How to make the production line more efficiency?

Real-time Monitoring

The monitoring function is a prerequisite for processing automation. Information about machine status, workpiece quality, and production energy efficiency can be obtained in real time through network connections.

Data Visualization

Improve the inconvenience of manual data recording, automatically collect huge data, easy storage, fast information exchange, and cloud backup without worrying about loss.

Computer Applications

The IPC can perform high-speed calculation and analysis, simulate NC programs, optimize production schedules, and easily expand functions, which is conducive to future upgrades and maintenance.

Quick Deployment

The industry PC can use a variety of software and applications, connect devices and manage databases, and easily integrate functions for intelligent production, saving time and costs.

Efficient Production

Maintenance reminders and abnormal alarms can be set to achieve early warning and continuous monitoring to avoid losses caused by unexpected downtime of the production line and improve overall efficiency.

Smart Factory

We provide a wide selection of types software and hardware designed solutions. You can keep existing machinery and equipment, to seamlessly integrate with the automation trend. Achieve the optimization of management and decision-making!

  • The volume is 30% less than the same performance IPC of another brand. Simple installation, assembly convenient, and it can reduce external interference sources.
  • Efficient wire configuration improves signal transmission quality. The system is more stable and anti-vibration. Furthermore, greatly shortens repair time, and improves host maintainability.
  • The active heat dissipation design of the rugged cases can optimize the heat dissipation of the system. Fanless, avoiding components damage caused by heat, and operating in a confined space without compromising performance.
  • With the flexibility of expansion interfaces, especially for demand combinations, users can customize the interface appearance, control panel, expansion interface. (Commonly used such as: FANUC, MTConnect, OPC UA, WIFI, EtherCat...)
  • The CPU supports the upgrade mechanism, the convenience of the PC can apply to the CNC, effectively combine the software, hardware and equipment. C language programming, data edge computing, large storage capacity, remote control, data collect, web browsers and other powerful function optimization.
  • The open architecture supports the internal network and industrial Ethernet based on the different environments of the factory. It realizes the intelligent manufacturing solution of NC program transmission, CNC machine status monitoring, and rapid information exchange.
  • Application protection mechanism, third-party software is protected by hardware lock and software key lock. The correct collection of production line information and real-time upload of data can accurately predict failures. Through early warning and continuous monitoring, the production line can reduce unexpected downtime.
  • We provide OEM/ODM customization laser engraving and printing services for images, texts, logos of the IPC cases.
  • The customized solution is suitable for a variety of industrial applications (machine tools, industrial machinery). It can maintain high reliability even in an industrial environment with high temperature, dust, and serious electrostatic interference.
  • Optional: Touch screen, module circuit board, operation panel, handheld pendant MPG and other supporting products customized.
Automation Industrial Computer
Digital transformation is an important key to upgrading manufacturing of intelligent production now. Data collected and processed require systems management and integration. We provide customized industrial computer IPC to quickly achieve the aim. IPC can provide complete information about analysis results and practical applications, then optimize production management and decision-making. The usage of cloud data and automation of production enhances the value of the company and the competitiveness of the industry.

For detailed specifications, please contact us. We will evaluate and design based on customized requirements and provide exclusive intelligent automation solutions.

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