Since its establishment in 1989, YEU-LIAN Electronic Co., Ltd. has always aimed to provide better products and higher-quality services, and has undergone one relocation and two expansions of its factory buildings. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity, responsibility, service, and innovation," with the goal of improving customer experience, and continuously innovating and researching technology. After joining M-Team in 2006, we have continuously improved and won the honor of being an outstanding supplier evaluated by M-Team.

YEU-LIAN Electronic Co., Ltd. has accumulated decades of experience in industrial product research and development and automation control system design, providing customized products for tooling machines and manufacturing industry customers, with nearly a thousand successful cases to date. Since 2000, we have started to independently develop CNC operating panels, and in recent years, we have developed innovative specifications such as band switches, manual pulse generators, and external handheld units, and have obtained international IP67 and CE certification. In 2020, we passed the ISO9001 certification and are currently dedicated to researching and developing a series of industrial computer products, to create integrated solutions for industrial automation, tooling machines, and industrial machinery.

Time Achievement
2020 YEU-LIAN is ISO 9001:2015 international standard Certified!
2018 NEW PREMIERE! ZETA BOX IPC is coming soon!
2017 ATOMS J1 series handheld pendant station 2017 world premiere.
2016 We have gotten the best manufacturer award for 5 years in a row.
2015 YLDP series handheld pendant station new released.
2013 Expanded the factory to 2314 square meters. ATOMS P5 series handheld pendant station new released.
2012 Implementation of ERP system. Started Code switch, MPG design and manufacture.
2011 Moved to the current location in Daya District.
2008 Expanded the factory to 827 square meters.
2003 YEU-LIAN Electronics Co., Ltd founded.
2000 Started CNC operation panel design and manufacture.
1989 Company founded. Professionally manufactured electric cabinet and circuit board.