Crystal Acrylic Button Switch Milling and Boring Machine Operator Panel

MITSUBISHI full color printing milling and boring machine control panel
The operating panel is specially designed for MITSUBISHI controller of CNC milling machine. Applicable systems: M70, M700, M80, M800, E68, E70.

The patented modular acrylic button is designed can be detached repeatedly from the front side. The characters are printed on the bottom of the button switch. Even if the surface of the keycap is rubbed many times, there is no need to worry about the printed coating wear. The panel front is waterproof, oil-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and replace. The button color supports RGB full-color printing. The transparent button switch can increase the brightness of the backlight. With a variety of accessories such as reserved blank button switches, button anti-mistaken touch frame, and types of cover guard protectors. It is flexible and particularly well-suited for customer-specific requirements.

The acrylic button switch has curved surface design, which is sleek and smooth to the touch and good texture. It is suitable for the factory environment to resist vibration, shock, and inadvertent operation prevention. Actuating force is 2.55N, working temperature is -25°C to +70°C, mechanical life is more than one hundred thousand times.

  • Designed for MITSUBISHI controllers use.
  • CNC milling and boring machine-oriented.
  • Patented modular acrylic button design for space-saving is ideal for arranging arbitrarily
  • RGB color flush bezel available. Bright and clear backlight mode.
  • The printing color and graphic can select arbitrarily
  • The front side replaceable design
  • Integrated design of spindle load table
  • Point to point type, matrix type, optimized circuit integration.
  • Consider ergonomic design and optimize operating experience.
  • The code switch series has multiple positions, and can output such as point-to-point, binary, anti-binary, gray code, anti gray code coding.
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof (must match the environment of the customer's electronic cabinets).
  • Integrated wiring of MPG pendant handwheel
  • CE
  • ROHS(Lead-free, environment friendly)
  • One year guarantee under normal use.
  • Sheet metal size can customize according to needs.
Crystal transparent button switch details

MITSUBISHI M70 series milling machine control panel

LED indicator light, blank switch, arranges various switch combinations and increase the convenience of use.

The button switch supports RGB full-color printing.

Anti-mistaken touch switch guard cover can 180° flip.

Optional parts can flexible customization

Spindle load, table load, table speed monitoring.

Digital number code switch multi-position design, 26-position(13.85°), 24-position(15°), 12-position(30°) and any number of segments VR series.

The control panel has diversity selections

Various layout configurations, sheet metal and membrane sizes can adjust according to the functional needs. Supporting industrial CNC controllers such as FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, Heidenhain, Fagor, LNC.

Provide customized services such as panel encryption function, PLC program, circuit board manufacture.The replacement of current used panel, adaptation, expansion.

Other types of buttons

YEU-LIAN had designed many types of CNC machine control panel as customer-specific requirements. So far, currently used in various CNC machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, turning-milling machines, grinders, boring machines, multi-axis machines, compound machining centers. In addition to crystal acrylic button switches, there are membrane button switches, laser-engraved ABS waterproof buttons and many other types. We offer control panel IO wiring such as lock code control of encrypted wiring, coded point-to-point control, matrix scanning and dot matrix. Use our patented modules button keys can quickly complete the replacement and maintenance.

Membrane panel can widely use in various shapes and sizes

Laser engraved switches, waterproof and oil resistant cover guard protector

Laser technology button switches, micro-concave design is strong and durable.

New-style acrylic buttons, colorful flush bezels and switch guard

One year warranty. The limited warranty does not include failures due to abuse or accidental damage.


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