CNC electronic handwheel, Handheld encoder MPG controller
Pendant handwheel manual pulse generator, IP67 and CE certified, all functions can customize
YeuLian develops many types of CNC hand wheel encoder MPG. We manufacture the following types of products: common single-axis control, multi-axis control, and digital screen display. In order to meet a high-variety, low-volume market, there are many items customized depending on actual needs. For example, function buttons, selector switches, axial specifications, magnification specifications, axis number form, emergency stop switch, enable switch, the number of cable cores, cable length, power indicator, patented work light. The modular design is conducive to installation and use. The parts can replace separately, maintain easily, and save time and cost.

The unique design is simple and neat, ergonomic, and easy to operate
The pendant handwheel series comprise antistatic protection, reverse voltage protection from DC5V to 24V. It is resistant to static electricity up to ±10KV. Faulty wiring will not damage the machine. The product passed the reverse polarity voltage test, IEC power-on test, and IEC static electricity resistance test. IP67 dust-proof and waterproof body shell can withstand high-impact, and passed the cutting oil, lubricant and other oil resistance tests.

The MIT manual pulse generator encoder has stable performance and high reliability. High precision, fast output response, and 600 rpm instantaneous speed without missing signal. The rotary encoder holds comfortable and easy to use and can withstand 3 million circles of wear and tear. There are many sizes to choose from(Read More) .

The supporting solutions apply to different cable and connector specifications
We provide high-quality spring wire from 17 cores to 27 cores. The TPU wire we use is an Eco-friendly plastic. Its characteristic is that the plastic becomes stronger as it is used, and aging decomposition without using. The working temperature is -40 degrees C to 105 degrees C. Resistant to oil, acid and alkali, and abrasion. It complies with UL758 aging standard testing and IEC 60228 specifications. All materials meet the RoHS compliance.

The plug can choose the bare wire, or welded military-standard connector, D-SUB connector, and other. The series has a hanging bracket and the permanent magnet, easy to place near the machine and easy to take. The standard length of the cable wire is 3 meters. It can add to 5 meters for more flexible use. In response to the wiring needs of different devices, we also offer customized. The multi-function, and flexible support of the handwheel series. It is suitable for different factory's needs. It is safety and efficiency.

The dial and pendant support the company logo image customization. We provide text and image print out, only if you give us the picture files (.jpg, .png, .dwg, .psd, .ai, .dxf, etc.).

The minimum order quantity for the customized product is 10 pieces. For more information, please contact us.