The Ultimate Guide to CNC Control Panel

Machinery is the foundation of the manufacturing industry. However, how to control them? Like using the computer by keyboard, there is a panel to control the CNC machine, called a CNC control panel. 
A CNC control panel is considered the brain of the CNC machine. People usually learn about the machine itself, not the panel board. However, knowing the basic knowledge of the panel board is also essential. As one of the leading CNC control panel manufacturers in Taiwan, YEU-LIAN will talk about it today.

What Does CNC Mean?

First, let us learn about the CNC before talking about its panel. CNC stands for the term ‘Computerized Numerical Control’, it is the computerized manufacturing process which the movement and velocity of the machine were programmed and coded in advance. The operator uses computer software like CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to write program code files, these code files are about setting speed, movement, feed rate, axel/spindle speed…. etc. The operator makes the CNC machine read and follow the commands. It produces or processes the wished products in a short time with high accuracy.

CNC machinery is automated machines that contain various industrial manufacturing techniques, such as milling machines. lathe, gri/znding machine, etc.
CNC machines achieve continuous manufacturing with high accuracy and high speed without human error, human fatigue and high labor costs. Complete various tasks in one procedure with high accuracy and shorter time. They are programmable and could be controlled from a far distance. In addition, editing program code is also quick and efficient.
Nowadays, they play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry.

What Is a CNC Control Panel? 

After writing program codes, how do we control the machine? As we mentioned, the machine operator writes and enters the program code such as G-code and M-code via software, then they use the control panel of the machine to adjust the details. The controller and control panel are the connection between the computer and CNC machinery components to transmit the control signal into motor movement/spindle and axis speed. There are various types of them, such as point to point/matrix/scan/lock code.
It is a panel that has function keys, switches, and a screen. A CNC operator should know the control panel well before using it, not only how to operate, but also the components of the control panel.  We will talk about its layout and common components in the next section. 

Layout of the CNC Control Panel

Control panel layout, sheet metal, and configuration vary by different types, needs, and uses. Also depends on the types of industrial CNC machine tools such as lathes, double lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, etc. Here we will talk about common buttons and internal components in most of them. 

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